There Isn't a When: A micro fiction story about time travel

A more accurate title for this might be: "My entry for a competition where contestants must write a story about time travel in 50 words or less"

Here is the link to their submissions page if you'd like try your luck:

The atomic tapestry of existence was eviscerated by paradox, and all it took were the efforts of one pioneering inventor who built his apocalyptic creation with nothing but the best intentions. No one would ever know what happened. All that is was and ever will be vanished into nowhere.

Why I hate going Outside

It's where you accidentally wave to people who weren't actually waiving at you.

It's where you don't know what to do with your eyes when passing a stranger on the sidewalk.

Crossing the street at the incorrect time can be fatal.

You have to accurately gauge your level of enthusiasm for greeting people you know but might actually care nothing about. In a worse case scenario, you run into a little-remembered acquaintance and find out you're going inside the same supermarket where you will be wandering around for some time. Then you have to decide if you're going to pretend to be genuinely interested in a cottage cheese label or awkwardly acknowledge that person again.

This is why I hate going outside....

Leave Your Aspirations at the Dump

Somewhere in the south pacific putrifying under the unrelenting tropical sun is a vast peninsula composed of the discarded scraps of civilization. A steady stream of colossal barges continuously added to the mass causing it to expand in every direction.  The churning heap was a steadily shifting form. Uneven growing mounds of decaying mass mortared together around iron heaps. Each new layer accumulated held the scraps tossed away by an insatiable world. Like a malignant sickness, its poison seeped into the surrounding land.
Plastic forks, prayer cards, monuments, Digimon, batteries this is where everything was valued by the most impartial of standards, its utility for survival.
Living in the shadows of revolting spires that had accumulated refuse piled so high only the squalling seagulls could reach the summit were the scavengers was a little girl nearing the end of a harsh, obscure, and brief existence. Like the birds and rats, the bacteria, and the mold she subsisted on decay.


As a soldier, I am bound by my oath and sacred duty to defend the soil of this nation from threats both foreign and domestic. All of my brothers in arms who see your obligations to this nation as more than just a profession but as your life's purpose NOW is the time for action.

At 0600 tomorrow I will march on Philadelphia the very cradle of our glorious republic. Those that join me will be more than citizens or soldiers you will be patriots! Together we can wrest control of the country back from those who've so ruthlessly abused the responsibility. 

We've entrusted to them. They have made it clear there can be no other alternative. If a strong united America is what you've signed up to defend than join me now! 

These three tweets posted under the handle @Brig_GenMandell were the apparent declaration of mutiny by so far unknown elements of the military. The shamen of war who toiled in the heart of America’s citadel of military power were working as quickly as they could …

The Collective

As inhospitable as the desert can be the parched, arid lands are ideal for preserving the ancient cities built in the early days of civilization. These mostly abandoned settlements were scattered across the landscape quietly being buried in the sand.
Still, there were some cities, archaic remnants of ancient kingdoms that had long since vanished, but life went on even as the old dynasties crumbled back into the enteral sand and the people settled around the ancient walls for hundreds of generations went about existence much the same as their vanquished ancestors. These places although mostly forgotten these forerunners of civilization existed alongside the electrified concrete and steel megalopolis that had come into existence in the final terminal stages of human-settled life.
Just as in previous epochs this seemingly worthless place was where empires fought life and death struggles.  Just like the innumerable men of arms who were sent here to pacify these lands over they millenniums…

A Lost Voice

"They answered the howl of the swelling inferno with a flesh offering. Mothers and fathers, with heavy hearts, fed their sons to the ravenous flames by the thousands hurling them onto the pyre with greater and greater abandon.  To their horror, their blood sacrifice only made the fires burn hotter until the blaze consumed the air itself, sucking it into its belly with a continuous roar that blasted like wind through the narrow corridors between the city blocks collapsing into the emerging hellscape,"

Destiny Disappointing Destiny

Corporal Bateman was only 20 years old when he found himself charged with leading a small collection of scattered soldiers through a thick and soggy jungle. Ancient trees with massive trunks that twisted out of the soft earth and covered with vibrant green moss kept them enclosed in an inescapable tropical labyrinth.
For the last two days, they followed the young corporal deeper and deeper into the dense disorienting  forests. The Corporal was as hopelessly lost as any of the men behind him, but the burden of rank weighed heavy in this instance. Faith in his leadership and the fact there was nowhere for any of them to desert to keep the ragged soldiers in line despite the jungle’s many unrelenting torments.
The saturated hair wrung every last drop of moisture from their flesh, beating a scarlet red by the sun that seemed to burn closer and brighter here than it did on the shores of the Atlantic. The raw, untested conscripts terrified by stories of cannibal shaman and other ferocious m…


In the natural world, the introduction of foreign microorganisms into new ecosystems could culminate into nothing less than unintended genocide. Even the fracturing of the leviathan landmass Pangea could not prevent these imperceptible life forms from making their way to fertile new grounds across the immense oceanic moats that kept life isolated. Some of these biologically automated killers greatly benefited from man's conquest of the seas and sky. Now the perpetually changing and evolving microbes enjoy a planet-sized Petri dish where they could endlessly recombine occasionally forming combinations that kill millions.
Despite some considerable efforts humankind was never quite able to divorce the parallel world, they molded for themselves from the fundamental principles that underwrite tangible reality. Its collective existence was defined by the interactions between sentient beings which are invariably impossible to predict and control. Even when reality could be rearranged wit…

Get with the Times

Lady Theresa Von Buchensteinwald De Moine was one of the best-kept secrets in the kingdom. Her 17th birthday had just passed, and she was already by anyone’s standards a stunning young lady. Honey blonde hair spilled over her smooth perfectly symmetrical shoulders. Her oval face was held high by a slender neck. It was a trail irresistible to the eye, and it led directly down to her lightly sun-kissed chest where her firm bosoms pushed up against her tightly bound dresses. Despite her remarkable beauty and blossoming body, the young lady didn’t have an active social life. She and her family had spent her entire life hidden away on the sole remaining stretch of land that had once been just a sliver of her family’s hereditary domain. They were the nobility of a by-gone order. Their ancestral lands gone, their titles meaningless, after 37 generations all that remained of their illustrious past was a castle crumbling against the current of passing the time. Theresa father Lord Baron Von B…