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Do Not Adjust Your Set!

According to Google Analytics, the majority of readers that visit this site are in China, Hong Kong, Italy, and the US. All places where millions of people have been put on lockdown. So, if you're looking for a way to pass the time once the alcohol has run out, might I suggest my newest collection of short stories now available on Amazon! This anthology is a bit longer than the others but still a breezy read. I think the title speaks enough to the theme. Buy it here today!

Musical Chairs

Triton was built on the floor of an alien sea. It was a network of austere rectangular facilities connected by titanium tunnels that channeled the water like a hulking industrial Venice. Triton wasn't a city in the organic sense, although people did live within the sunless confines. Its growth was not an organic process. It was a prefabricated facility built for the practice purposes of housing a specific population of humans while they toiled to extract the resources buried in the ocean floor. For a time, Triton was a success. Rising production lead to growth, but the precarious balance between population and resources was always maintained. A creature of unimaginable sized suddenly and without warning seized the entirety of Triton in its grasp. The beast engulfed Triton and slowly began to crush the life out of it the way a boa constrictor does to its prey. The aquatic monster was so enormous no one could see it in its entirety, there was no way of knowing what it was, but it h


Jill was sitting up in bed against the headboard with her laptop resting just above her knees. She had just finished typing her script and decided to scroll through her social media feeds one last time before getting some much-needed sleep. She refreshed her Facebook page.  There was a procession of photos featuring acquaintances, colleagues, friends, and family doing everything from scuba diving off the coast of Ice Land to eating tofu. Each photo got a glance and depending on the content a like. "Wow, you should check out Dakota's pictures from Croatia. It looks really cool!" Jill called to her fiance Miguel, who was in the adjoining bathroom. The sink stopped, "What?" Miguel replied "I said Dakota's pictures of Croatia are really cool!" Jill repeated. "Oh," Miguel replied, and the water resumed running. Jill kept scrolling until she saw the words "BREAKING" in bold red letters. From there, the feed went from being a se