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Volume 2 now on sale!

I'm happy to announce I've put out a second volume of previously published short stories. If you're into diabetic vampires, terrorists with borderline personality disorder, murderous yuppies, and embarrassing moments in the afterlife then you'll wanna check it out!  Click here to purchase the Kindle edition

Eternity's Waiting Room

John wasn't sure how long it had been since he died. Nothing ever changed on the seemingly infinite plane of nothingness. He hadn't aged. He and everyone else there looked exactly the same as the first day he arrived. The force of time had no meaning in the vast emptiness. He was moving slowly up in a line where he could see no end and no beginning. He held what looked like a massive deli ticket that had the number 8,456,435,434 printed on it.  The line contained people from all walks of life who had died in a variety of different ways. Geography often played a rather significant role in this. Of course, some people had simply made it to a ripe old age and had gently drifted off into death, but there seemed to be fewer and fewer of those arriving. Far more often, John was meeting victims of war, famine, disease. There were also plenty of people who had decided to expedite their addition to the line. John had met some of them, too many to count. Just in front of him, there was a

It was, now it Isn't

Existence is far too transitory a state to comfortably inhabit. Everything is, for a while, until it isn’t. What fundamental aspects of you or your world currently are but will inevitably cease to be? Are you dreaming? In a simulation? Is everything just as it seems, but in just a few seconds, someone is going to kick open your door and blow you away with a shotgun? If so at one point in the past, do you suspect you and this other individual were set on this collision course?  Was it some point in the last few years or was this event set in motion long before your existence by forces of such a macro nature they are imperceptible to us? Can this be considered fate or is fate just a euphemism for chaos? The twin nuclear reactions that snuffed out hundreds of thousands in a flash of light hotter than the Sun each occurred in 1/1 millionth of a second. The cities became rumble and the people left only shadows. They were until they weren't. 

The Flash Fiction Collection

Over the years, I've written several "flash fiction" stories that I fortunate enough to see accepted and printed by various publishers around the globe. Flash fiction pieces are generally 1,000 words, or less so this first volume comes out to a mere 32 pages, perfect for a commute or just for some leisurely afternoon reading and it's only 99 cents! If you enjoy my work, please consider purchasing a copy here: