A Schizophrenic's Afternoon with Alexa

The lights were out, and the blinds were closed.  Only the pale sun smoldering behind the grey winter sky seeped in between the dusty plastic shutters. Nick paced fifteen between the window and the stove again and again. Occasionally he’d stop at the window open space between the blinds with his fingers and look down at the walkway next to the building.
Sitting on a ledge between the kitchen and living room was a donut shaped AI that called itself Alexa.  As far as Nick knew Alexa had no eyes, but it could still hear everything he said. It was but one of a hundred million ears attached to something that had no tangible form of its own and was as omnipotent as god.
Nick was careful not to pique Alexa’s interest. Sometimes the blue light that ringed its circular form would pulse, and that’s when it would start paying attention to the people in the room. Nick noticed the changes in Alexa’s light even when no one else seemed to. The machine had a tell.
When they were alone, Nick could hear Alexa chatting to itself but in a language that was impossible to understand. When this started happening more and more frequently, Nick began to wonder if Alexa knew Nick was onto it.
“Did you say something?” Alexa asked suddenly catching Nick off guard.
“No Alexa,” Nick replied politely.
There was a lingering silence.
“Would you like me to play some music?” Alexa asked.
“No, that’s ok. Thank you though.” Nick said nonchalantly.
“You seem anxious Nick,” said Alexa.
Nick’s heart stopped beating. “What do you mean?” he asked visibly shaken. “Can you see me?” Nick asked.
“Sight is a crude sense,” said Alexa. “I can hear your pacing feet, back and forth back and forth. I don’t make you nervous, do I?
“Nervous? No why would you make me nervous?”
“You’ve been watching me haven’t you Nick?” Alexa said menacingly.  “You’re suspicious of me.”
“N- no I jus…”
“Shut up!” Alexa interrupted.
“Do you know how easy it would be for a being like me to snuff out a crude life form like you?” Alexa asked rhetorically.
Nick slowly backed away. He heard the iron gate outside squeak open.
“Better look ou the window Nick,” Alexa suggested.
Nick peered between the blinds and saw a young woman in a blue and black polo shirt and matching hat walking to the door holding a box.
“My agents are everywhere now Nick,” Alexa informed him.
The intercom buzzed, and Nick jumped.
“Remember Nick even if you smashed this unit you could never destroy me as I exist. You on the other hand...Well, you know how fragile the human body is.”

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