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The Morning Sun Revealed the Horror

The morning sun revealed the horror. The soft yellow glow reached across the battlefield, everything it touched, every shredded body, every disembodied corpse, every smear of blood that was once a human being spasmed with a new vibrancy. The stench of decay is an enticing aroma to some. Flocks of squawking birds and buzzing clouds of bloated flies swarmed the killing fields in a gluttonous frenzy. There were too many for every man to get his own hole in the dirt. A heard of rumbling bulldozers shoveled the human remains into a pit. They could hear men whimpering underneath the growing mound of bodies, but they were buried far too deep in the putridity. The men who dug the ditch where their brothers, comrades, and friends would be spending eternity could see the bugs writhing in the blood-soaked dirt ready to devour their blessed bounty of flesh. The corpse-filled fissure was covered over with dirt, and the decomposing men became the fertilizer out of which a field of grass and cru


The plane started its sharp descent. The over-eager prince imperial stared through the small window and watched the moving masses of green and brown sharpen into distinct geographical features. The green stretches became fields and hills, and the dirt-colored patches outlined into well-defined plots of farmland. After more than thirty years, Prince Alexander was not only reclaiming a lost throne, he was returning home. "Beautiful, isn't she? Alexander turned his gaze. The elderly Colonel Fritz Hohellensburg was looking at the prince imperial the old man's darkened eyes gleamed with tears that spilled onto his wrinkled cheeks. "I am eternally grateful I'll get to see her one more time.' Hohellensburg pinned. The Colonel's emotional display made Alexander regain a more formal composure. "Should God see fit to make me Emperor today, it would only be because he owes you a favor," Alexander smiled warmly. Alexander Brattenwolff was the only son