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The Luddites

It was a typical Midwestern fall day. The dower grey sky had dimmed into a cloudy, starless night illuminated only by the swelling stream of headlights from rush hour traffic. Ryan was standing on a street corner watching the oncoming cars hoping the next pair of lights might be his ride. A low and gentle breeze stirred the dry leaves and styrofoam cups covering the sidewalk. Ryan clenched his cold fists in the pockets of his coat and lowered his head, presaging the icy gust of air that followed. "C'mon, C'mon," he muttered. He saw a black Prius break away from the current of commuters and slowly approached the curb. "Finally." He acknowledged the driver with a wave, and the car came to a stop. Ryan slid in the back seat and greeted the driver. "Hey, how are ya?" He asked. "Good," she replied. "And you?" "Fine fine," Ryan said. The driver looked at the GPS receiver mounted on the windshield. "So let'

Call it what you will

The twenty-four day old Olivia Bennet made her family debut at her grandmother’s funeral. Nothing unites people like a common enemy and death certainly is the one we all have in common.  There were three generations of people milling around the cold corpse of a woman many of them never met more than once or in Olivia’s case not at all. Olivia’s mother, the bereaved and beloved daughter of the deceased, Charlotte Bennet stood by her mother’s casket, cradling her newborn while accepting condolences. Her husband stood stiffly by her side, his eyes cast down, and his hands folded in front of him but still looking a bit unsure of how sad he should appear to me. “That’s just the proper amount of mourning,” she assured her confused husband. “She’ll always live on in our memories,” was a recurring sentiment. Charlotte wanted to ask them “Her own granddaughter will never even meet her, whose memories is she going to live on in?” Charlotte decided against having that outburst as catharti