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He spent the day between pacing from one end of the room to other and sitting on her bed just staring at the door waiting for her to come home. The anticipation was as gut-wrenching as his excitement was jubilating. The countdown was excruciating. Eventually, he tried to stop looking at the clock. He tried to forget about the crawling hands. AS the sun set outside the vibrant white rays of late afternoon light that poured in through the slanted spaces of the blinds gradually transformed into a dim orange glow. The floor became a canvass of shadows cast by the larger furnishings. Outside it was quiet. Occasionally the sound of a passing car or the trailing voices of passersby would float in with the breeze. The calm semi-urban atmosphere was one of the things Higgins enjoyed most about her upscale neighborhood. He checked his watch it was 7:04 she would be home any minute. Soon he would have everything he ever wanted, or he would have nothing at all. He stood up and walked over to t

Decay Was The Smelling Salt

(Source: The Verge Captain Ravensheart commanded a flying machine crafted in the image of the iconic vessels that dominated the waves during the age of sail. His wood and steel propeller powered colossus sailed across the boundless blue sky like it was open ocean. The enormous vessel moved nimbly and quietly through the fluffy white clouds, its esteemed captain, and loyal crew never losing their footing even during the sharpest and most sudden turns. The valiant captain was engaged in a life or death struggle with the demon admiral Schaden. Schaden was a spirit that inhabited the corpse of a Nazi submariner who hunted his human prey beneath the waves nearly a century ago.  Schaden starred at Ravensheart, with eyes that glowed like a hellish inferno. He peeled back the rotting flesh on his lips to reveal razor-like teeth. He was a horrific jigsaw of nightmares. The worse part th


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The People From The Other Side Of The Sea

(source: Totally Top Ten history) The sun glowing sun that had risen out of the sea was descending behind the rolling green hills to the west taking with it the day and leaving behind the darkening skies of dusk. The wind made the tall grass sway and leaves rustle. The water swelled up in white peaks and broke on the sandy shore gradually reaching further and further up the sands. The blanketing night sky flowing from the horizon meant James soon had to return home. He was old enough to hunt on his own, but his father warned him and his brother they take a hit for every hour after dark their mother had to worry about them. James sat perched on a rock that overlooked a small piece of coastline. In his line of sight was a large steel vessel that was stuck in the grip of the wet sand like a beached whale. The behemoth had sat silently rusting away on the rock and sand for a long as James could remember. The corrosive force of salt water and time had eaten away at the dull grey met