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Showing posts from April, 2016 InfectiveInk has published my story as part of this month's theme.

Malthusian Altruism

The stadium lights glowed against the backdrop of the metallic skyline like an electric sun hanging above the lake shore. The stadium grounds were a fortified hive buzzing with society's most prominent event engineers and their army of technicians. Inside the concrete walls were the most influential figureheads of a mass-manufactured culture.  Like the Coliseum, the concrete behemoth was the newest mutation of the most widely recognized symbol of imperial decay. The hollowed grounds were the chosen sight to orchestrating the spectacle that could very well be considered the eulogy for a civilization. Stephan Landsman was one of the events field producers. He supervised the many logistical aspects and managed the many inflated egos of astonishingly wealthy court jesters. The success of this money-drenched carnival was dependent upon his competence. His chattering teeth and trembling leg were just a few of the manifestations of the over-ambitious careerist's imminent breakdown. He