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System Error

                                           (image from Cargo Specialist 8271 Corman was a mariner in the eternal sea of space. It was his charge to assure the cargo loaded aboard the ship made it safely to its destination. Like most processes though it had been largely automated so that the human aboard the vessel acted as little more than a caretaker. The navigation and other critical mission elements were handled by systems he could only interact with on the most rudimentary level. He couldn't adjust the speed, alter the course, every variable was left beyond his control in the invisible hands of processors and anonymous remote operators who kept an invisible tether on the ship from command centers that would take years to reach. Corman had to work according to the schedule of his titanium surrogate. Checking system statuses as well as checking on the cargo were duties blah performed at precise intervals until he became another mechan

Olduvai: An Index of Epochs

The Olduvai stories are moments in a history. A history where mankind has carried civilization like spores into the eternity beyond the blue glow of Earth's sky. While these stories may seem like a disjointed collection they are all part of a singular picture of humanity's ascension into an infinite unknown. I. II. III. IV. V. VI.