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The Apocalypse Squad and the Saoshyant of Koresel: An Olduvai Story

The fusion glow of the solar white star that burned in the sky above Koresel was positioned in the unblemished sky just right to allow its light to spill into the cave. A tall shrouded figure rushing into the entrance found where the faint light and the absolute darkness bordered on the cold rocky ground. Its long wire frame now obscured by shadow it shed its long flowing garb It used its fingertips to prod its colorless waxy flesh. The soft skin yielded like ripening fruit then tore open. It held out its hand up. The light gleamed in the viscous dark purple fluid dripping from its finger. It rotated its jaw and heard something rattled inside its mouth. A tooth fell from between its lips and shattered on the floor. Blood seeped from the corners of its mouth, and it spat out a long stream of red and black liquid Its wings sprang open into their full six-foot expanse. Withered and discolored the few remaining feathers fell from the leathery flesh and slowly drifted away. The li

Black Tar

The base bulged out of the ancient city like a growth. The hive of mechanized war machines was the new engine of the long time jungle hamlet.  In Vietnam modern civilization was to be born in the flames of war. A new Empire sent its legions into the jungle-shrouded country on a punitive expedition, but war destroys men far faster than it creates soldiers. The forlorn men sought refuge in a chemical escape. It was just one of many barracks that became an opium den. It was a single room with two rows of four beds.  It was like summer camp with assault rifles.The walls were covered with the most famous icons of female sexuality produced by pop culture. The prospect of sex was one of the few things that made it worth to continue enduring a life haunted by the blood-soaked memories that commandeered the mind. Lance Corporal Davis was dissolving into the familiar warm euphoria. The brown viscous liquid passed smoothly through the needle and into the crimson river flowing under his flesh.