Some time ago a group of people fed up with the problems of the broader society decided they would break away and built a new social order. They recruited the best and brightest and set about creating a community that was the first of its kind.
They decided many of the problems in the outside world arose from ignorance. So it was important to make sure the citizens of this new community were well educated.
Guns were not allowed, nor was any kind of hate speech, and all food was to be locally grown and organic. People were allowed to worship as they wanted, even though most were atheists, and all the bathrooms were unisex.
Teachers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, academics, and if any of them had married brand ambassadors or social media advisors they were invited along. These concerned citizens came together to form the backbone of a new city and a new way of life christened Imagine.
Because everyone was a working professional the economy of Imagine was quite healthy. Businesses thrived, the municipal government had plenty of revenues, and crime was almost nonexistent. Imagine was a model city.
One day though an outsider seeking refuge in the thriving metropolis beseeched the leaders of the community to take him and his family in and so a town meeting was held.
The outsider was a young boy named Ty. He lived with his mother and three siblings. His father had gone to jail was he was very young and very little else was known about him.
"Why didn't your father work?" asked Eric Johnson the Mayor of Imagine.
"I don't know he just never had a job." said the boy.
"Why not?" Asked the Mayor.
"My mom says he never finished school," replied Ty
"You should go to school if you want a good job." Said Mayor Tristan Johnson
"I know." Said Ty
"So why didn't he finish school." Asked the Mayor
"My mom said the school they went to was dangerous, and people got shot there." Replied Ty
"Huh," Replied Mayor Tristan
Ty was sent away while the people of Imagine decided whether if he and his family could live with them.
"Well, this is just so sad!" Lamented Kristen a sociology teacher. "That poor boy's parents were systematically denied education, and now  they live in chronic poverty!"
The rest of the town agreed it was very sad.
"So do we let him stay?" Aske the mayor.
His question was answered with silence.
"What if he's a danger to the community?" Asked Jerry Anderson an attorney appointed to oversee public safety
"we can't just assume because he's poor he's also a criminal," cried Kristen
"I pay a lot of money to make sure my kids get the best education possible I don't want anything threatening that." Said Brian Hedges a local plastic surgeon.
"He's right we can't take any chances with our children they're far too precious!" Said Jenniffer, an elementary school teacher.
"What are you people saying!" Shouted Kirsten. "This boy has not had the same good fortune like the rest of us. If we don't help him how will Imagine ever serve as a shining example to the rest of the country?"
The towns people sat in quiet contemplation.
Later that evening Ty was called back in and informed Imagine didn't have room for him at this time, but they would pay to have a school built in Ty's town. They would fully fund it, and Ty and everyone in his community would finally be able to get the education they deserve! Ty shrugged his shoulders and took the news back to his family.
At the next town meeting when the budget was being discussed the new school that had been christened Ty High came up on the agenda. The people of Imagine looked over the budget proposal and decided it all sounded ok. There was just one protest.
"If we go through with this project there won't be enough to pay for new Mandarin instructors for our kids!" Called out Kristen the sociology teacher.
"So what do we do?" asked the Mayor
"I don't know, but there has to be another way!" the town agreed.
When Ty High was opened the new students found their classroom to be a warehouse. There were 19 teachers for 3,000 of them. Thanks to the generous gift of education things stayed much the same.

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