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Divine Cruelty

"Why does God damn us for doing what the things he created us to do?" -Charles Swygart The day had finally arrived, the day that marked the end of time and the beginning of eternity. No one ever knew when the day would come, but it had always been inevitable. Earth lived on borrowed time. Every hour drew it closer to its final and inevitable destruction by the supreme being who sculpted the magnificent blue sphere.  The malevolent creator transformed into the righteous destroyer and set the world ablaze. His angels broke the seals and unleashed unimaginable carnage and destruction. The divine creator scorched, starved and sickened his sentient creations. It watched with detachment as all life was extinguished in a spree of destruction. God had created the earth and all its creatures with this day in mind.  It was part of a plan beyond the scope of human thought, its part of a divine play written on the pages of eternity. Only on humanity's last day did God step out

The Buzzing of Flies

A storm of dust followed in the wake of the mechanized monsters rumbling across the continent. The armored formation was made up some of the last contingents of American armor left in Europe. They were what remained of an old guard that had stood at the frontier for nearly a century with their colossal guns always pointed east. When the war finally came they never even got to fire a single round. In a matter of hours, the world was in flames in an instant the command and control structure that directed the men at arms was something that existed only on paper. Somehow the outpost that housed Lt Colonel Mason and his command and been spared from the storm of warheads. Besides a few minor shockwaves, the apocalypse had been a relatively quiet day for them. Not everyone could agree upon the precise day or time to mark the end of the world, but the last transmission they received was on Wednesday at 16:44 Atlantic time. It was a pre-recorded message assuring them contingency plan