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Musical Chairs

It's founders called the planet Chalcogen it was now an all but forgotten outpost on the infinite frontier. It was the deepest man had ever reached into the endlessly inflating void, but they very quickly lost their grip. The disappointed lords of Olduvai the nexus of the interplanetary network had to look to that lost corner of the cosmos with unquenched ambitions as they plotted a future return. To them, the forsaken colonists were simply casualties, nameless and expendable. The hapless colonizers descended upon the planet like locusts on a field, intent on stripping everything they could. They worked with the efficiency of a swarm. The society was stratified into specialties reinforced through the generations that made them operate like the components of a colossal planet-eating machine. Their bodies were augmented by nanomachines that tailor made them for the alien atmosphere. Over time, they became more and more mechanical until much of their anatomy had become obsolete,