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Nucleus accumbens

Will a hacked Twitter account by the catalyst for World War 3? Once it became possible to compartmentalize, and every region of its mass was identified and defined, scientist began mapping the brain like they were the neural cartographers drawing the borders of a new frontier. It was the nexus of humanity, a creation that was regarded as much the product of the divine as it was the natural force of evolution. Humanity celebrated the organ for its mystery and overwhelming complexity. If it could be dissected and each neural pathway explored, methods of control could be devised. When there could be no human subjects rats were deemed suitable substitutes. One nameless albino rat, bred to be a victim of the many horrific trials and errors of the scientific method was implanted with a device that stimulated nucleus accumbens, the pleasure center of the brain. Whenever the rat pushed a button, the nucleus accumbens w

What's The Plan?

The lonely little atoll was a charred blemish on the vast blue of the Pacific. It was the product of a volcanic tear in the darkest depths of the sea. The bubbling magma from the hellish core of Gaia crystallized into a jagged pillar of crystallized magma that reached out from below the waves. Akio and Arata were waiting inside a growing fissure in the ebony rock. They watched the salt and pepper sands of the forward beach. They both knew this cave would likely be their final dwelling, and they shared it quietly. They waited patiently for death, so imminent they no longer counted the days but the hours.   They were a link in an interlocking web of fire designed to tear apart any amphibious assault troops.  Everyone knew what would happen if they failed to keep the invaders off the beach. Being the first line of defense, the possibility of survival was simply an absurdity The ships first appeared as a glimmer on the horizon. The coming armada were obscured by the sun that