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The fleet of ships that now held what remained of humanity inside their titanium hulls hovered at the edge of space. The mood was somber as everyone waited in a quiet tension pendulating between despair and mind-shattering terror. The powering up of the colossal nuclear engines sent gale force winds ripping across the planet.  This was the beginning of their latest exodus, just another jump on their way to the last.  Human civilization's only hope rested with an asteroid that was hurtling in their direction. The appearance of this interstellar ballistic was heralded as a miracle, and indeed it was their only hope of escaping the world they devoured. When it screamed past the desolated little planet, they would launch themselves at the oncoming cosmic projectile it in a desperate attempt to cling to its jagged surface. It's projected trajectory was set to take it just outside the orbit of a small planet dubbed Toba. An infinitesimal but livable world.  There wasn'

The Emerald Necropolis

Elder Commander John Hamblin took one last moment to admire the range of steel towers gleaming in the sun against a boundless blue sky and over the crashing waves of Lake Michigan. It was a moment that perfectly captured the majesty and might of the iconic skyline. It was in stark contrast to what remained. Time had ravaged his emerald city. The low howl of the icy winds racing through the concrete canyons was the only thing that could be heard in the frozen necropolis. The roaring winter engulfed the sky with the drab gray shroud that hid the sun like an eternal curtain that was covering the world in white. The steel leviathans built generations ago with summits that reached into the clouds were now just hollow relics. They were nothing more than rusted out steel skeletons that peaked out of the snow covered landscape like corpses buried in shallow graves. The Mid-West winter had closed on them like a trap. The Ammonites, the rugged regiment of the Helaman army that had tr