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Flash Fiction

Round Up The Writers Zine an online literary publication was kind enough to include my work in their flash fiction anthology. A PDF copy of the issue can be found here. My piece is the first one and is followed by a number of fantastic stories that tell the tails of moments. Moments whether epic or seemingly benign are part of our much larger story.

Particle Masher

The lab of Doctor Jaggensuess was nested on a summit high up in the thin air of the Swiss Alps. It was situated among the enclaves of the opulent resting somewhere between a ski lodge and a private mountain villa. The curious facility was planted in the middle of a  bountiful green field and surrounded by lush forests.  The compound was arranged into colossal rings constructed from space-age materials that when viewed from the air was reminiscent of a crop circle. It was a deliberate design that seemed to convey a message unintelligible to the casual observer. It was a multinational project built as a symbol of cooperation between the nations of Europe.  Within its confines, scientists from around the world tinkered with the building blocks of existence itself and attempted to unwind the precariously woven threads of reality. At least that was the claim. Arthur Van Sloot, a Dutch accountant, was sinking into just one of several large leather armchairs in the reception area outside