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The Maggot Child

John sat at a small desk in his room illuminated by the light of a solitary lamp. The boy was intently examining the palms of his hands. The color had left the flesh and thought he could still move them the feeling had gone as well. He clenched one hand then the other. He clenched his fists and dug his fingernails into his flesh as deeply as he could. He felt nothing. He looked back down the nails had peeled back the waxy white skin but no blood ran, this numbness ran through his entire body. While he could still move and function normally,  his body had no feeling left like his head had been severed.  He looked at his wrists the crisscrossing veins had turned a dark blue and looked like they were rising from the skin. He followed the blood vessel's path up his arm and began to roll back the sleeve of his navy blue sweatshirt. Once he got to his forearm, he could see the slimy back side of a maggot. He felt the disgust he would expect, but for some reason, the experience did

A Pound of Flesh

The new issue of the Moon Magazine deals with the future of agriculture and food security in the world. It includes pieces by leaders in experimental agriculture and an interview with the United Nation's special rapporteur on "The right to Food". They have also published my essay on how the United States can become a global leader in the international fight against hunger white significantly lowering health care costs if it only saw the benefits of cannibalism. If you would like to know more just copy and paste the link below.