Rachman's Survey

Right now there are countless people who don't realize that at some point in their lives a series of events were set in motion that will lead up to them killing someone they may have not even met yet, or maybe the other way around.

"There is nothing more dangerous than a group of well intentioned people."

"Sometimes it's not just paranoia. Sometimes they really are to get you."
-Samuel Landsman Auschwitz Survivor

"The successes of today lay the foundation for the follies of tomorrow."

 "Man fears the oblivion of obscurity far more, than the release of death."

"We look over our shoulders and into our future."

"There is no guarantee that the missiles haven't just left their silos and the bombers and subs haven't just received their orders. Some of us will be informed by the wailing of a siren, but many of us will never know what happened. There will only be the flash."

"There are people who actually decided to send hate mail to DJ Tanner. Literally letters addressed to a fictional teenage girl and not the actress. That puts things into some sort of perspective I think"
-Alan J. Schwartmaz

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